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Cyborg Gaming
Cyborg is a gaming platform that unites game publishers and guilds, offering high-quality games across a variety of genres from Web2 to Web3.

Cyborg Incorporates Viction, The People-Centric Layer-1 Blockchain, Empowering Users To Explore Blockchain In A Joyful Way

Cyborg proudly announces our strategic partnership with Viction, a layer-1 blockchain dedicated to human-centric & real-life utility. This collaboration aims to create a joyful experience for users as they explore the world of blockchain.
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Cyborg Gaming
Cyborg is a gaming platform that unites game publishers and guilds, offering high-quality games across a variety of genres from Web2 to Web3.
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Published Apr 05 2024
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The Rising of Blockchain Gaming

The integration of blockchain technology with the gaming industry has sparked a wave of excitement and potential for both sectors. Blockchain's transparent and secure nature provides a foundation for new gaming experiences, allowing players to truly own their in-game assets and participate in decentralized economies. This shift towards blockchain in gaming, also known as GameFi, has attracted the attention of developers, gamers, and investors, who recognize the potential for novel and rewarding gameplay mechanics. With Viction as a trusted partner, Cyborg is eager to unlock even greater possibilities in this promising landscape.

A Handshake Between The Two Like-Minded

Viction's commitment to human-centric technology is evident in their continuous efforts to provide an open and secure world for users. As a people-centric layer-1 blockchain, Viction always shows dedication to putting users first by offering zero gas fees, enabled by the VRC25 token standard and VICIssuer. They also encourage builders in the ecosystem to create user-friendly experiences, including features like DID, social login, high-quality gaming, and more.

This parallel can be drawn to Cyborg's transformation into a gaming publishing platform, where both entities aim to enhance user experiences and create a thriving gaming ecosystem that caters to the demands of entertainment in our respective communities. Exploring new technologies like blockchain should not be stiff, it should be full of fun and joy along the way. That is Cyborg’s dedication, to onboard millions of users into Web3 by onboarding high-quality games, where users can earn rewards while they are delightfully playing games.

The partnership between Cyborg and Viction creates a synergy that amplifies the benefits for users. By incorporating Viction's blockchain technology into our platform, Cyborg enhances user experiences by enabling them to interact with in-game assets, earn real-world value, and actively participate in the blockchain economy without any interruption due to insufficient gas fees.

This collaboration not only offers users a gateway to explore blockchain technology but also provides developers with a robust platform to innovate and create joyful gaming experiences. While acknowledging the inherent challenges along the blockchain journey, Cyborg and Viction endeavor not to merely overcome obstacles but to navigate them in an engaging and lighthearted manner.

Gaming is not only for entertainment; it serves as the most effective way to drive mass adoption. We are confident in our forward progress with the support of Viction by our side!

About Viction

Viction is a people-centric layer-1 blockchain, offering zero-gas transactions and enhanced security to make Web3 easy and safe for everyone. Beyond technical advantages, we provide hands-on support and a strong network connection to help web3 builders navigate the complexities of building a thriving business.

About Cyborg

Cyborg is a gaming platform that brings together game publishers and guilds, offering high-quality games across various genres from Web2 to Web3. Committed to our mission, Cyborg strives to introduce millions of users to the world of Web3 by delivering games that blend the quality standards of Web2 with the play-to-earn concept of Web3.